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13 Reasons Why Go on A Ghost Tour | What To Expect From Your First Ghost Tour

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I've gone on a lot of ghost tours, and while what I write below is specific to our tours - it is also 90% true of the other ghost tours I've been on. Even if you are not interested in ours or actually in San Diego, we strongly encourage you to do your local tour. The majority of the ones we have gone on are amazing!

1. I Don't Care About Ghosts Why Should I Do A Ghost Tour?
Our ghost tour is so much more than just ghosts. It is a historic tour with a haunted twist and true crime elements. If you are into history, being in unique locations, and having an intimate entertainment experience, it is for you. Try it I think you will be surprised. And if you don't like it reach out to me to be refunded.

2. You Feel the Experience. It's Interactive.
You go to these historic places, breathe the air, hear the sounds, feel these locations' vibes. You have significant interaction with the environment. First time I did our ghost tour this part blew my mind. It was like seeing and being part of a play but so much more. A true experience. I'll never forget my ghost tour experiences. On some of our tours, you'll use ghost hunting equipment.

3. They are Spooky, Not Scary
Most people think it's clowns and monsters jumping out at you. We don't do that. Being in or at the locations where the stories events have happened, well, it's got a spooky feeling. Sure some people will get scared but not from us creating jump scares, more the energy of the place you'll experience.

4. It's Entertaining
We only employ the finest local actors to do our tours. They are entertainers and will give you a performance. On top of that, there is the city itself, the people of said city, and the group you are with. Oh and, no we don't employ ghosts.

5. It's Alive
The spots you go to are alive. The city itself or the environment itself is alive, a real element and a character you'll love. Each time we go out to do a tour, even though we work off a similar script, it's different, the city itself is different each night.

6. Be At Parts Of The City Off the Beaten Tourist Path
We take you to places no one goes to. Real locations where dark history happened. I'm a local, I know SD and when I went on our tour I found out about places that I had never heard of before. I was so fascinated I started working for the company. You'll see places you never get to on your average airport brochure stack. You go and do different.

7. Historical
Our tours strive to be historically accurate. It's not just ghost stories because you'll hear stories of bizarre interest, or about events that may have lead to a haunting and had a massive influence on the very city you are standing at. If you are into history at all our tour is for you.

Reach out to me at 619.255.6170 via text or call for a big first timers discount.

8. True Crime Aspects
Serial Killers, Murderers, accidents, and all sorts of crimes make up the dark history of a city. On our tour hear about those as well, we don't shy from anything.

9. Healthy Not Passive
Our walking tour, and bus tour to a lesser extent, have you feeling healthy as you walk breathe and interact. You are not passive you are physical and get some low-impact exercise when you do our tours. You walk to each location, hear the stories there and then continue on your walk.

10. Inside Look at Local Culture
Our stories reflect the culture that inspires them. We can't talk about what happened to whom without talking about the culture they dwelled in. On top of that, you'll go to locations where actual San Diegans live. You are not sheltered like you would be at Sea World, you are interacting with the actual culture of the finest city.

11. Plays With All Your Emotions
Our host performance is geared toward playing with all your emotions. We want you to get spooked, feel slight dread, hear something that makes you a bit sad, feel for the people these events happened to, and laugh. When I interview a host, I let them know that they will use all of their actor skills, sell cheesy jokes, do voice inflections, bring emotions - you are going to feel all that if you pay attention.

12. For Locals Too
Live in SD? Go on the tour as I did, you'll be surprised at the hidden history and fascinating places you never saw. Become an expert about your city. It's great. Reach out to me to get a local first-timer discount.

13. Repeatable
After your first tour, you may want to do it again. Each host does the tour differently. We all know the story, "The Little Red Riding Hood", what's fun is each one of us tells it differently. I might emphasize one part you another, I might have a joke I love and you another, that's the wonder of our hosts. One has been best described as "taking a tour with the little girl from The Adams Family, she is awkward, creepy". Another one I heard was like going on a tour with a smooth operator. He uses big sweeping gestures, maximum style and charm. I could go on.., Arrange with me to go with another host. They are like Pokemon, gotta catch them all!

Boo! You still there? Well if you made it this far and are still on the fence reach out to me at 619.255.6170 via phone or text. If I have extra spots on one of our tours I'll get you on for free!

You just got to be flexible and able to go at a moment's notice. Hope to see you for the first time on Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours!

Our tours are looking really dreadful!
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