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Welcome to Your Gaslamp Walking Tour by Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours

The Only Haunted Tour Downtown That Can Goes INSIDE! Covid willing.


Saturday 4th and 11th / Sundays: Paranormal Investigation in a Haunted Park. Exclusive Access.

This Experience is REAL and not for the faint of heart. Small Groups & Limited Spaces. Things have been happening...
Need a discount code? Text me 619.255.6170, wait and I will reply with a discount code!
Warning!! The citizens of the Gaslamp can be wild! If you are brave, adventurous and can rock city night life this if for you. It's a fun experience, it moves fast and downtown is party central and crazy, join if you dare.
Too much for you? Consider our Haunted Bus Tour.

Beware. This tour is 70% haunted locations/stories and 30% true crime (serial killers, murders, and bizarre history).

Consider. There have been many brothels in San Diego Gaslamp history which is in some of our stories, it's not graphic, but it is there. Try to guess which spots were brothels.

The Gaslamp tour is a combination of Haunted Ghost stories and events with Dark History/True Crime elements.
We have night time and day time tours available.
Cost: $37 per person (use code Karma if you book for us for an exclusive discount) | Length: 2 Hours(ish) | 1.5 miles Walk | 30+ Locations | Click Book/Buy Now for Schedule

Meet by the Gaslamp Quarter Arch near Starbucks and the Hardrock | 209 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Questions? Call/Text us! 619.255.6170

You are going to over 30 Haunted/True Crime Places in San Diego's Downtown/Gaslamp District - Bring Your Camera, Courage and Running Shoes!

Join us on a Fascinating, Haunted, Downtown San Diego Walking Tour of the Gaslamp Quarter as we delve into the history of what was, what is now and why some things haven’t changed. You’ll learn about the Colorful People of the Past and some that never left. We have Ghosts, Gamblers and Gals of the night. If you like the Bizarre, Obscure & Off the Beaten Path places we’ll take you there. On our tour you’ll learn….
  • Where Wyatt Earp Lived, Gambled and Drank
  • San Diego’s Bizarre Zoo downtown
  • An Active Haunted Hotel & Hospital
  • The Secrets of the Glass Marble Exchange
  • A German Spy Hideout
  • The Raids of the downtown Stingaree
  • A musician who committed suicide, TWICE!
  • The location of the Death Zone downtown
  • Two Serial Killers of San Diego
  • The Death Museum of the past in a likely location
  • Canine Celebrities
  • And more, you’ll visit over 30 locations!
Bring your walking shoes as we travel to other times and places. What was the Stingaree like in the late 1800’s thru early 1900’s? Who lived here, died here and still remain? We have Over 30 plots, um… I mean spots for you to visit. Join our day time tour or our night time tour IF you dare! Reservations Required.

Our Historic Downtown/Gaslamp Tour is an Experience You'll Never Forget.

Join us, we’ve been dying to have you…

Ghostly Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Considering taking a look at some of these if you are serious about the tour.

How Much Walking?

How Much Walking?

A little over 1.5 miles paced just under 2 hours. It's an easy walk for all. A wheelchair would be more challenging and can be doable, call for more on that. You'll get many breaks to hear stories as we stop at over 30 locations.

Bathrooms? Drinking/Food/Smoking?

Bathrooms? Drinking/Food/Smoking?

Perhaps the scariest part of the tour is there are no bathrooms! Please use the restroom in the Hard Rock or Starbucks before the tour. We move at a brisk pace and if we want to cover all the locations properly bathrooms are out.

If you have a medical need please alert us to that immediately after booking so we can make arrangements.

Please don't bring food or drink on the tour. If you stop during the tour to get a drink or food you will be left behind, we have to keep moving to fit it all in.

Please don't smoke or vape during the tour as courtesy to others. Deep graitude.

Do things Happen / Is it Scary?

Do things Happen / Is it Scary?

We know that in several locations eerie things do happen. We and our groups have experienced them, and it is rare, so no guarantee, still, you might get lucky. Keep in mind, we don't create or employ ghosts so no trickery by us, anything that happens would be (super)natural. Bring your camera, you may catch spirit orbs. I hope something happens on your tour and if so please send us the images.

I would call it more spooky than scary. We do not use jump scares, though the environments themselves do have a very strong vibe most can sense. Some people do come out of it with a scare(s), it just depends on your personal tolerance level. Creepy is another good word for parts of the experience.



Out of our tours this one (The Gaslamp Walking Tour) has mature content dealing with Brothels and people who lived in them.. This may be too much for some kids, it really depends on the kid. Our Haunted Ghost San Diego Bus Tour maybe more kid-friendly (depends on the kid) though doable as we do allow kids that don't require a car seat on that tour.

This Gaslamp Tour is a bit Risqué
San Diego's Gaslamp/Downtown area you'll tour once was filled with brothels. As such prostitution is a part of the stories. Now this may go over your kids head, so that a consideration, still it is a risk. With that said we won't stop you from bringing your child just, it's really up to you.

We call the tour spooky. With that said, we will be talking about death, murder and all those dark events, that is the subject matter and it can be disturbing as well as graphic. The place themselves have an energy that can have an affect on children that watching a movie does not. So again at your own risk.

Should I Tip?

Should I Tip?

If you enjoy the performance of your host, yes! It is customary to thank them however you see fit. Your host is a trained, experienced, and knowledgeable professional who puts a lot of effort and energy into your experience. Your generosity is always appreciated. It is how the host makes much of their income. Most people tip around $5-$10 per person, though anything is appreciated.

Booking Questions?

Booking Questions?

Do you have to book in advance with a credit card or Debit Card?
Yes. There are a limited number of spots for each of our tours and we often sell out well in advance. To ensure that you are able to join us, reservations and payment are required ahead of time. You can book online or over the phone. If you prefer to pay cash, your only option is to show up at the Gaslamp Quarter Arch meeting location at least 20 min prior to the tour departure. If we have spots available, you can pay cash at that time. PLEASE NOTE: Reservations are highly recommended as empty spots are rare as the tour time approaches.

When you book online, you will get an email saying your spot(s) have been reserved. If the tour minimum has been met, your card will be charged and you will get another email with details about the tour, where to meet and so on. We meet at the Gaslamp Quarter Arch, please make sure to be there 20 minutes before departure time. Enjoy the tour and happy hauntings!

We do not have a waitlist. If you are trying to book a full tour, your best bet is to show up at the Gaslamp Quarter Arch at least 20 min prior to the tour departure. If there has been a cancellation, we will know by the time the tour starts and will get you in. Cancellations are extremely rare; only a couple a month, so this is a long shot option. Don't miss out - order now!

Tour Minimum?

Tour Minimum?

Our Haunted Guided Tour is small to ensure personal attention to you, our guests. We have only 20 spots available per tour. We require an 8 person minimum in order for us to do a tour. When you reserve a spot you will get an email confirming that your spot has been reserved. Once 8 people are confirmed on the tour, we'll send another email so you know that the tour is on.

Your credit card is not charged until we hit the 8 minimum.

If the tour already has 8 people you will get the email immediately, and your card will be charged immediately.

It is rare, but occasionally if it appears that the tour will not go on. We will personally call and/or text you with a tour update 3-5 hours before your tour departure time. Please give us a legit working phone number you'll have on you for calls/texts. You will not be charged. Your credit card is not processed if the tour does not meet the 8 person minimum.

If you book well in advance, bless you. Most people will book the day of their tour, so please be patient and remember: 90% of the time the tour fills the day of. Your confirmation will likely come sometime that day.

Please call or text us 619.255.6170 if you have questions.

Why 8 People Minimum
There are two reasons for this. First, at least 8 people are necessary per tour for a sustainable business. The second, perhaps odd reason is that 8 seems to be the magic number of people needed for a great tour. Let us take you behind the scenes here. Once in a while we will get a 4 or lower star rating by a reviewer. A lot of times when we get that low of a review, the tour had less than 8 people. Experience shows we need that many people for the group to relax, and the guide to give the great presentation we are known for.

Cancel? Not Satisfied?

Cancel? Not Satisfied?

Cancellation Policy
If we cancel on you due to flooding, unforeseen incident or the tour minimum is not met know that you will be fully and promptly refunded. In the case of the minimum, you will not be charge as your card is not processed unless the minimum is hit. If you book us through someone else, Viator, Expedia, and so on - we will reach out to them and get you refunded.

If you cancel and let us know 24 or more hours before the tour, you will be refunded in full. If 24 hours or under - all sales are final. There are no tour date exchanges or refunds. Just like a concert or theater performance, once the tickets are purchased, the seats are considered sold. We do not offer refunds, nor can we change your booking to a different night or time if you miss the tour. This is our official policy.

Even so, we are human too, and know things happen. At our discretion and circumstances permitting, if you must cancel within 24 hours, we will do our best to make things work for you. You must contact us via text or call 619.255.6170, and if we can sell your spots before the tour, we will happily refund your purchase. So, the sooner you contact us, the better chance we have to sell your spot(s) and then get you your money back.

Your Satisfaction
It is rare, but we are not perfect and every once and a while someone will have a "meh" experience. If this happens to be you please call/text us 619.255.6170 and give us a chance to make things right. Often times we will refund you. Deep gratitude.



Do you offer discounts for Seniors, Military or anything else?
Sometimes we will have a discount on our site. If you don’t see it, call or text us 619.255.6170, and we will set something custom up for you. Click the "Book Now", button for pricing and schedule please.

Group Discounts
If you have a group of more than 8 individuals, please call our reservation line to discuss potential discounted options – 619.255.6170.

Parking? Arrival?

Parking? Arrival?

You should arrive in the Gaslamp/Downtown at least 35 minutes prior to the tour departure (more during busy season). There is parking available, it can be competitive. If you find a spot early don't worry, there is plenty to do in the Gaslamp.

Consider using the SpotHero app to reserve a parking spot ahead of time and at the best price. We use it and get great results it does make parking easier.

There are tons of parking garages and lots around, most do charge though. If you can Lyft, Cab or Uber you might consider that too.

Our tour meets and leaves from the Gaslamp Quarter Arch near Starbucks | 209 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Please make sure to be at the arch 20 minutes before your tour embarks. When you get there you will see our ghost host dressed in Victorian attire or in black with a bell, they will be pretty obvious. Please introduce yourself to the host, have the ticket buyer give their name, and you are good to go. There is no ticket or phone app needed just your name. We go by a roster.

There are rare cases where the earlier tour may have gone over. In that case please be patient, they will materialize.

Use the bathroom first! There are no bathrooms on the tour. You can find one at Starbucks or Hard Rock.

If we are still under stupid COVID, please wear a mask and make sure to social distance 6 feet from anyone you don't know. We deeply appreciate that.

Once confirmed with the host hang out until the tour starts. If everyone shows up a bit early we may be able to leave early and fit in some additional content.

It's going to be disturbing and we will see you soon...

Locations / What do We Enter?

Locations / What do We Enter?

COVID is still making it tricky. We never know if we can enter or not until the day of. Hopefully get you in the Horton Grand Side of Lobby and bar if not too busy. If you are really luck sometimes we go in the DH House. Fingers crossed! MASKS ARE REQUIRED IF WE GO INSIDE. Bring masks please. Hopefully you'll go inside at least one location.

Looking For Our Other Tours?

Locations List for our Gaslamp Ghost Tour

This is a combination of San Diego's downtown authentic haunted/ghost/dark history/true crime locations. We will also tell you some stories that are interesting and bizare in this location list. Keep in mind, we are dealing with ghosts and some of these places have long since vanished and you'll visit the places where they once stood.

After talking to our business advisor many of the locations have now been turned back to secret. What you see below now is only a taste.

The Gaslamp Quarter Arch - This is where we will meet - 209 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101.
PetCo Park - Hear about the Voodoo queen as you gaze at PetCo Park.
The Davis Horton House - Many hauntings, a star of the show.
The haunted FLUXX night club and Ida Bailey's Canary Cottage Brothel - The most infamous brothel.
Horton Grand Hotel - The stories of rooms 209 and 309.
Grand Pacific Hotel | 1st and Last Chance Saloon - First place to get a drink in the 1800s.
Tour Conclusion

Our tour meets by the Gaslamp Quarter Arch near Starbucks | 209 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 Questions? Call/Text us! 619.255.6170

Join us for the unique activity of a lifetime! The most entertaining, historic Gaslamp tour with chills and thrills ever!
This tour is brought to you by Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours - the highest reviewed Ghost Tour in San Diego.

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